Wiki guide

How do I use the wiki?

  • Use the tag ‘cloud’ which appears in the right hand side bar to look at all the items which have been ‘tagged’ with a particular subject.
  • Enter a word or phrase in the search box in the right hand side bar. As you start typing, entries will start to appear.

How does the wiki work?

Entries in the wiki are called Terms. Each Term contains information on that subject, and/or an external link to an item (eg a teaching resource).

Tags are used to bring together terms which are related. Terms which have the same Tags will have a section with ‘Related entries’, in which all related terms appear.

Anyone can add to or change this wiki, please register here and we will provide you with a password.

How do I add something to the wiki?

Firstly, decide if what you want to add is a whole new Term or more information to an existing one.

How to edit a Term

To add information to an existing term, open the Term you want to change, and then choose ‘Edit Term’ from the black bar along the top of the screen.

How to add a new Term

First, check there is not an existing Term already covering the subject. Do this by checking the list of Terms on the right hand side of this page, or by searching.

If none already exists, simply go to the wiki and choose ‘+New’ Term from the black bar along the top of the screen.

Whether you are editing or adding, you will see a screen which contains several boxes for you to complete.

The add/edit screen

  • Title: The title of the Term is how it will be referenced in indexes and lists, so enter something unique and helpful to searchers.
  • Text box: Here is where you can add or edit the information in the Term. It has a handy toolbar which enables you to format the content, including headings, bullet points, etc.
  • Adding links: You can add links to other Terms or external content by highlighting any text and then using the ‘Insert/edit link’ in the toolbar. If linking to another Term, simply choose the Term from the existing content. If you want to add an external link, put the address in the URL box and be sure to check the ‘Open in a new window’ box.
  • Tags: As you start typing in the Tags box, relevant existing Tags should start to appear. Simply choose the ones you want, or use the ‘Frequently used tags’ option.
  • Don’t worry about the rest of the info on the page, that is all automatically completed, or not relevant to the wiki entries.

Now click the blue ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ button!


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