Preparedness (or not) of Teachers for Delivery of the new Curriculum

In our Policy Priorities document, our submission  to Maggie Philbin’s digital Task Force, and in all our informal communications, we have stressed the importance of a medium/long-term, appropriately funded programme of CPD for teachers aligned to the new curriculum. This is a critical part of any overall government strategy around increasing the digital skills of the UK workforce. We are currently undertaking our own survey of schools to ascertain how ready they are to deliver the new curriculum in September 2015, where we believe that adequate CPD will in many cases be a pre-requisite to readiness.

However, prior to pulling together our own conclusions I thought it worth sharing the two links below to the results of a poll commissioned by NESTA and TES on the same question of preparedness:

One headline conclusion of the survey carried out amongst 788 teachers in England by YouGov on behalf of Nesta and TES was that over half of England’s teachers (60 per cent) are not confident delivering the new computing curriculum*.

Miles Berry and Bob Harrison, both members of the UKForCE steering group comment on the poll results in the TES article above.

Whilst we should of course all be concerned about what happens this coming September, this is not, and cannot be, an issue with a simple quick fix. We are asking a lot of our teachers in this rapidly changing field. Transitioning to fully engaged, high quality delivery of the new curriculum across the entire school population is a project we should plan, resource and fund over a period of several years. September 2015 is one of the first steps on what will undoubtedly be a long and sometimes challenging journey, but nonetheless a journey from which we as a country can, with the right commitment, enormously benefit.

*according to YouGov survey results released today by TES and Nesta

Chris Mairs is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Chair of UKForCE

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