INTEL STEM Conference Jerusalem 22-24th June

“The world is changing and we need to prepare our children for it….we are already late”
Mooli Eden, Senior VP Intel Corporation

I attended this conference at the invitation of INTEL and following a nomination from the DfE as a member of ETAG and chair of the DfE expert group involved in the reform of the ICT national curriculum.

The presentation below and images were used with approval from the DfE policy lead and DfE communications and social media team.

The agenda was interesting  and very full, as was the list of speakers.

Whilst it did have the potential to turn into an “Intel fest love in”, and did on occasions, there was no commercialisation element at all.

The following themes emerged, which are consistent with our current understanding of the STEM agenda, and indeed served as an affirmation of current Government policy. The themes also acted as a stimulus and catalyst that we could, and should, retain a strong focus on STEAM (don’t forget Art/Creativity) and, resources permitting, increase government support for innovation and partnerships.

If anything, it affirmed our policies in this area, and should give some comfort to Ministers and Senior Policy officials that not only are we on the right lines, but in general ahead of the STEAM game.

I am sure we could do more of course.

Emerging and common themes:

  • There is a growing global worry about the number of students in STEAM subjects
  • There is an increasing economic imperative that this is increased
  • Some Governments are making this a priority
  • Teachers are the key to ensuring a future  STEAM educated citizens/workers
  • There is much more work to be done on the STEAM gender imbalance
  • There is much more work to do in breaking down the STEAM subject silos
  • It is essential that creativity and enquiry  is embedded into all STEAM teaching
  • The use of Technology for learning across the curriculum is an area for further development
  • There is a need for greater collaboration/partnerships between industry and education

See the presentation here.


Bob Harrison is an ETAG member and Education Adviser, Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd, and member of the UKForCE Steering Group

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