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This is for everyone

Can anyone learn to program? I think so, and I think it’s important that those teaching computing think so too. I’ve been at a couple of conferences in the last month where the question came up, and I was really surprised by how many in these audiences thought there’d be at least some in their classes who would just not get programming. This worries me, I think because it suggests that some teachers are approaching the new curriculum with a fixed model of pupils’ ability, as if this were presented to us as a given with which to do what we can.

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INTEL STEM Conference Jerusalem 22-24th June

“The world is changing and we need to prepare our children for it….we are already late”
Mooli Eden, Senior VP Intel Corporation

I attended this conference at the invitation of INTEL and following a nomination from the DfE as a member of ETAG and chair of the DfE expert group involved in the reform of the ICT national curriculum.

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