Other Policy Documents

Here you will find links to key documents and information relating to computing education across the UK.

UK Digital Skills Taskforce

In 2014, the UK Digital Skills Taskforce examined what needs to be done to nurture home-grown talent to meet the needs of Britain’s modern economy. Their report, Digital Skills for Tomorrows World contains a number of recommendations, informed by , and those of many other interested parties.

UKForCE Steering Group contributions

Chris Mairs’ analysis of SOC codes for digital skills requirements
Undertaken for the Digital Skills Taskforce, Chris Mairs analysed every Standard Occupational Classification Code at the four digit level, and assigned each a value showing the proportion of people in this job who would need digital skills at the four levels (Digital Muggle, Digital Citizen, Digital Worker, and Digital Maker) described in our submission. The analysis was recently updated to include the annual figures published in 2014, and charts created to start to show trends.

Bob Harrison’s presentation to the INTEL STEM Conference in Jerusalem (June 2014)
UKForCE Steering Group member, Bob Harrison, presented on how computing education was shifting from the ‘use’ of computers to understanding how computers work.

Teaching creative computer science: Simon Peyton Jones at TEDxExeter  
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Simon Peyton Jones wants children not just to consume technology, but to be creative with it. What does that mean for teaching computer science in schools, and why is the rest of the world watching England?

Links to external resources

Shut down or restart? Royal Society report on the way forward for computing in schools (Jan 2012)
Published in January 2012, this report called for an immediate improvement in the quality, quantity, and nature of computing teaching in schools.

National Curriculum programme of study for computing in England (Sept 2013)
The statutory programmes of study and attainment targets for computing at key stages 1 to 4.

Education Scotland’s curriculum for Technologies
The programme of study including computer science and computing.

The ICT Steering Group’s report to the Welsh Government
The ICT Steering Group was established to explore and consider the future of computer science and ICT in schools in Wales.

The age of algorithms (August 2013)
Advice to the Prime Minister from the Council for Science and Technology on algorithms, analytics, modelling and data for growth and public sector efficiencies.

Nesta report on recruiting and managing data talent (July 2014)
This report looks at the data skills that leading companies look for, and the implications for policy and management.

Nesta/TES/YouGov poll finds teachers ‘unprepared’ for new computing curriculum (July 2014)
Over half of England’s teachers (60 per cent) are not confident delivering the new computing curriculum, according to YouGov survey results released by TES and Nesta.