Help for Teachers

On this page you will find links to publications, activities, teaching resources, and networks, which can help in the delivery of computing education.

Teaching guidance

Computing in the national curriculum: a guide for primary teachers. Document co-written by CAS and Naace.

Computing in the national curriculum: a guide for secondary teachers. Document co-written by CAS and Naace.

NaaceE and CAS Joint Guidance 2014 National Curriculum for Computing. Provides detailed interpretation of those parts of the DfE Computing Programme of Study which need clarification for those who will be teaching the subject.

Teaching materials

Computing ITT and CPD: This site has been put together by a small group of teachers and teacher educators with the aim of┬ácurating a collection of resources for use by those training teachers to deliver the new primary computing curriculum, whether for trainees’ individual use, for use in lectures and workshops or for trainees to use as resources for their own lessons when working in school.

Teaching membership organisations

Computing at School (CAS): the subject association for all those interested in Computing in the primary and secondary school curriculum

Naace: Naace is the national association for everyone promoting learning with technology in a connected world. They are a community of schools, teachers, those who work in schools and the Education Technology industry.

Computing education wiki

We are building an online wiki for computing education – see it here, and make your contribution!