Select Committee Digital Skills inquiry call for evidence

A new House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills was recently announced, chaired by Baroness Sally Morgan, outgoing chair of Ofsted. The text of the Call For evidence is included below. The embedded link to a YouTube video by Baroness Morgan outlines their focus.

UKForCE will of course make a submission as almost all the issues Baroness Morgan highlights for investigation are within or adjacent to our remit.

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INTEL STEM Conference Jerusalem 22-24th June

“The world is changing and we need to prepare our children for it….we are already late”
Mooli Eden, Senior VP Intel Corporation

I attended this conference at the invitation of INTEL and following a nomination from the DfE as a member of ETAG and chair of the DfE expert group involved in the reform of the ICT national curriculum.

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UKForCE Submission to Maggie Philbin’s Digital Task Force

The journalist and broadcaster Maggie Philbin was commissioned by Ed Miliband towards the end of 2013 to report on the Digital Skills needs of the UK. The report will be published shortly and made available to all political parties. In May, UKForCE made a submission in response to the task force’s call for evidence. Our full response is here.

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Welcome to the new UKForCE website

This website is the online presence of the UK Forum for Computing Education (UKForCE), an independent committee acting as a single voice for the computing community on 5-19 computing education issues.

As we create new materials we will place them in the Resources and Publications section of this site and signpost them from the blog. Members of the steering group will also use this blog to comment on developments and initiatives at large in the amazingly active and rapidly changing field of Computing education in the UK’s primary and secondary schools.

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