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Qualifications which schools and colleges might consider as replacements for the ICT GCSE and A level

Since the news broke that the Department for Education would not be re-developing the ICT/IT GCSE or A level back in November 2015, there has been concern that there would be a gap in qualifications landscape which the Computing/Computing Science GCSE could not fill.

UKForCE has examined the lists of qualifications which are available to schools and colleges, and which are counted in the performance measures at Key Stage 4 and later. What follows is a list of these qualifications, for schools and colleges to consider when planning their provision of computing education. It in no way constitutes an endorsement of any qualification, as UKForCE has not yet made an assessment of specific content or suitability.

Qualifications for consideration following the cancellation of redevelopment of the ICT


Computer Science at GCSE – assessment for success

Ofqual has been consulting on its conditions and guidance for GCSE Computer Science, and UKForCE has responded with its views. We welcomed the proposal that 20% of the qualification can be assessed in non-exam form, through practical work. However, we are not sure that the proposed 20 hour project is the best way to establish competence in computer science, and may not give young people the best chance to demonstrate their capabilities.

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Simon Jenkins Calls For More Digital Muggles

In a polemic piece in the Guardian today Simon Jenkings argues for a shake up of the education system, and less focus on Computing or STEM.

Some of what he says about the education system being outdated has a lot of merit. But there are three huge fallacies in his assertion that we should spend less time on teaching Computing so we can focus more on the skills that employers want – i.e. communication, team working, critical thinking and problem solving.

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