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About Miles Berry

Miles is principal lecturer in Computing Education at the University of Roehampton. Prior to joining Roehampton, he spent 18 years in four schools, much of the time as an ICT coordinator and most recently as a head teacher. His research interests include informal learning and the pedagogies of computer science education. He is a former chair of Naace, the ICT subject association, and continues to serve on its board of management and is a member the management board of Computing At School. He is a fellow of the BCS, RSA and HEA.

This is for everyone

Can anyone learn to program? I think so, and I think it’s important that those teaching computing think so too. I’ve been at a couple of conferences in the last month where the question came up, and I was really surprised by how many in these audiences thought there’d be at least some in their classes who would just not get programming. This worries me, I think because it suggests that some teachers are approaching the new curriculum with a fixed model of pupils’ ability, as if this were presented to us as a given with which to do what we can.

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