About UKForCE – improving computing education

Hosted by The Royal Academy of Engineering, UKforCE is an independent committee, acting as a single voice for the computing community on 5-19 computing education issues. It brings together key stakeholders to share the vision of improving computing education across all education jurisdictions of the UK.

Getting the computing curriculum right

The UK is at a critical point for its digital economy. Many of our businesses in the IT and entertainment industries are world leaders. But the digital economy is much more than a few specialist sectors. Almost every business in the UK depends on digital skills. Without the right focus on digital skills, the UK will fall behind in the global digital race and may never recover.

The 2013 establishment of a new Computing curriculum at primary and secondary schools in England, including the study of Computer Science, IT and Digital Literacy, puts England in a position to lead the world in computing education. However, to turn aspiration into reality, this is just the beginning of a journey that needs very substantial nurturing and support over the coming decade. That includes appropriate financial support, comprehensive training for the existing teaching workforce, introduction of more specialist teachers, more focus on digital apprenticeships and relevant fE qualifications, and far stronger engagement between employers and the education sector.

The work of UKForCE

UKForCE will produce specific recommendations in response to calls for evidence from government and other organisations. We will also produce independent reports and other short work items addressing various topics germane to high quality 5-19 computing education throughout the UK.

The Resources and Publications section of this website is a repository for papers/videos we and others produce, and the blog shares with you our activities and commentary on this complex and rapidly changing space. Please subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter.

The UKForCE Steering Group has representation from school leaders, Initial Teacher Training, Further Education, employers, after school clubs and other organisations with deep interest and expertise in the field. The full list of steering group members can be found here.

UKForCE is also the Expert Subject Advisory Group for computing education. ESAGs are not-for-profit groups founded by the Department for Education, set up by leading educationalists to provide subject specific guidance and support for schools and teachers throughout England.